Mediterranean migration crisis: Attack CAUSES, not victims

photo of black bagged dead bodies in rows on beach






Cynical proposals from the EU regarding migrants in the Mediterranean, as usual, attack the victims, not the causes.  Africans aren’t “looking for a better life”; they are running for their lives.

Economic, climate, & human rights disasters pounding Africa for decades have their origins in industrialized superpowers.  Multi-nationals pursue agendas to depopulate Africa of subsistence farmers, just as Ireland was depopulated in the 19th century: to make way for agribusiness.  These are making Africa a hell for Africans.

Rescue of drowning migrants - Italian Coast Guard photo

We need to hunt down & disable these genocidal profit agendas: not refugees. Destroying ships will only disrupt more livelihoods, create more destitution, & drive desperate people to embark in even more rickety vessels.

People who are enabled to live in basic human decency, in their own countries, will not trouble anyone by dying in their thousands to escape.

See Human Rights Watch report on Frontex: the EU’s border security contractor

migr deaths Stop Frontex

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