Ms Clinton, you must fight now, or hand the world to the worst elements

infographic showing vote tallies hillary clinton 64,223,958, trump's 62,206,395An open letter to Ms Clinton

You have won a clear majority of the popular vote, by over 2 million. Expert analysts have uncovered clear evidence of massive fraud; in favor of an opponent, who is already self-convicted of fraud, in a current lawsuit. An opponent who has proclaimed his intention to take power by fair means or foul.

Never in US history has there been a presidential election in crisis of this kind. You are the person of the hour, in an emergency this country has never seen. And all eyes are upon you. The country, indeed the world is waiting for what you will do.

Will you rise to the occasion?

Now is the time to act like the President.
It’s time to fight like the Commander-in-Chief.

This is not time to be guided by Mr Obama’s wishes.
This is not about his presidency.
This is about your presidency. It begins now, if you’re woman enough for it.

It’s not time to be a selfless ally, a team player, a wife, or maternalistic philosopher.

You cannot look to past precedents. Any more than President Kennedy could look to past precedents, when he sent in the National Guard to assure schools access for children of color. The moment came without his bidding it. He rose to the occasion, when called on for leadership, in an unprecedented crisis. (It seems eerily significant that this critical moment arises, just as we commemorate the time when President Kennedy was taken from us.)

Now is come the hour to strongly wrest the world from the jaws of the most powerful and dangerous elements; from a genocidal bohemoth salivating to devour all in its path without mercy; a monstrosity which it has been your fate to encounter on our behalf.

This is not time to prudently beware what will be said of you by the opposition.

It’s time to think of the countless victims who will suffer violence, torture, death, and disaster, if genocidal fascists gain control of the world’s most powerful military.

We are fighting the unthinkable: a US president who vocally advocates jailing and murdering political opponents.

Such threats are made to intimidate critics into silence; and to distract from his own flagrant criminality.

We are fighting a cynical profiteer, for whom sexual assault is policy; who has declared open war on women and people of color. Who is the declared enemy of every tenet of human rights in the Constitution and international law.

Your opponent’s campaign promises echo Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Be assured he no less sincerely means to do as he says. In the White House, he could make the Nazi holocaust look like a walk in the park.

Will you pull an Al Gore now? Will you tamely hand us all on a silver platter to the worst elements, who will plunge the world into war and set human rights back by decades?

Can you rise to this unprecedented crisis, and be there for your people now?

It’s time to act like the president you’ve been elected to be: and suffer the slings and arrows of personal insult, for millions who’ve entrusted the presidency to you by a clear majority.

No one else can know what those slings & arrows cost you.
No one else is more experienced at dealing with them.

This is not time to be gracious and polite like a lady.
It’s time to fight like the President.

Are you up for it?

If you let the country down now, I don’t envy your conscience for the four terrible years that must follow.

to the Electoral College:
Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

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