Nov 2016: a “protest vote” now, is a vote for universal slaughter


photo from Rwanda genocide 1994 - pile of skulls We at Just-US have little illusion about what kind of future to expect, should the worst elements get possession of the White House.

We’ve heard enough of the rhetoric in 2016′s US presidential election campaign, to recognize them: those who think violence is the solution to every question. Who have no philosophy, except plunder everyone in sight, and knock down anyone who gets in your way.

We know very well those elements historically responsible for the deaths of uncounted activists, journalists, labor organizers, feminists, people of color; both in America, and wherever the long arm of its military has been conscripted (to quote General Smedley Butler) as “racketeers for capitalism.”

We have a clue precisely how dangerous it is to place a “boys-will-be-boys” attitude toward sexual molestation, in charge of the safety of millions of women and children all over the world. Statistics have proved it means an increase in sexual violence, and all its evils: including disease, fatalities, broken lives, broken communties.

We understand thoroughly the direct connection of powerful and dangerous billionaires, with mass murder and rape under shadowy death squad regimes all over the world; wherever there are natural resources to be plundered.

photo of child in cemetary - Rwanda genocide


We’ve stood in line among the millions fleeing these war crimes everywhere. We’ve watched our own reports of human rights abuse, from inside the USA, cynically covered up along with theirs: by asylum systems structured by such powerful elements, to punish the victims, keep us silenced, and keep us running on empty, until we drop down dead.

We understand the role of such powerful elements in voter suppression, via political terror and murder, inside and outside the USA. Few of us will be reporting our location to American authorities, so that we can exercise our right to vote in presidential elections.

We remember very well what happened during the Bush regime: how the number of Americans fleeing the country to seek asylum skyrocketed. The world was plunged into war, with all its accompanying disasters to human rights, to human life and limb.

But this is the first time that a GOP presidential candidate has rejoiced in followers who flagrantly emulate the Nazi genocide which our fathers and grandfathers, in an earlier US Army, were proud to fight & die to defeat.

Qui tacit consenti: Who remains silent, gives consent.



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American Indian quotation on genocide with photo