Refugee crisis manipulated by superpowers to curb migrant rights


photo of Refugees waiting at the border between Serbia and Croatia

Refugees waiting at the border between Serbia and Croatia
(photo courtesy Céline Schmitt )

It seems evident at this writing, that the suspicions voiced by Justice For Refugees From the US (Just-US) were dead on. (See our blog post of 10 Sept:)

Clearly there’s something odd
about Western politicians’ sudden, avid interest in millions of Syrian refugees, whom they’ve left  rotting in the desert for four years.

Now the hidden agendas rear their ugly heads.  The “sudden” Syrian refugee crisis is proving a boon to the UK’s conservative government: and their efforts to re-negotiate EU treaties.  It is creating a climate in which other EU leaders are finding it much easier to seek new changes to international refugee laws.  Changes which we are assured will be strictly humanitarian.  But we refugees know the authors too well. And how their fine print has been used to throw millions back to the death squads, imprison crime victims, and make reports of mass human rights violations disappear.

Another beneficiary of Syrian refugees’ desperate exodus?  War-mongering superpowers, who created the problem in the first place.  You guessed it, the usual suspects: Russia & the USA, still fighting it out on the bodies of third world countries.


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