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Below are some sites with information relating to refugees from the USA:

(If you are part of an organization with an interest in such issues, please include a link to on your web site. If your site includes data related to Americans who are refugees, please send an e-mail so that it might be included in the list below.)

A Short History of FBI Cointelpro
An excellent overview of political persecution in the USA, past and present.

A more detailed account of the US government “Counter-intelligence program”, targeting lawful political activity by its own citizens.

The case of Ritt Goldstein
Goldstein’s case includes many classic features of political persecution against US citizens.
It is also a telling example of the failures of asylum systems in general; and how these affect refugees from the US in particular.

UNHCR Statistical Yearbook
Official statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: the exact numbers of US citizens who have applied for asylum worldwide, each year.

  • 2009 Table: “Asylum applicants and refugee status determination by origin” (i.e., by country the applicants came from.) See “United States of America” listing on page 72 at:

  • United States country data 2005, “Refugees and Asylum-Seekers From United States”

A refugee blog
One refugee’s struggle against corruption in the asylum system.