Should have listened to refugees: Siteserv & corrupt decision-making

  No one knows more than refugees about kangaroo courts, corruption, and biased decision-making. For decades, Irish state institutions have flaunted Article 40 of the Constitution: allowing complaints to be decided by biased bodies; who are either the topic of … Continue reading

How dangerous is a corrupt Minister for Justice? Ask a refugee.

  What dangers are posed to society when a corrupt Minister is placed in charge of the law enforcement of a nation? Corruption is a criminal act.  So one might look at it like placing criminals in charge of the … Continue reading

After Minister Shatter: refugees told you first

  The very first reports of corruption against former Minister Alan Shatter were made by refugees. Likewise, during the Fianna Fail government, refugees’ reports of corruption were like a voice crying in the wilderness.  In both cases, refugee voices were … Continue reading