Violence: government forces are the perpetrators, refugees the survivors

Today, countless refugees are living in hiding like Anne Frank.

When anyone has to hide, for fear of people just knowing that they’re alive, that they’re just living… anywhere at all… There is something horribly wrong with this picture.

The refrain is often heard “Never Again”… with regard to the Holocaust
(when, during World War II, at least 6 million men, women, & children, who never committed any crime, were exterminated

photo of Anne Frank

simply for their race / religion.)

But we have let it happen again.

It is happening again, as we speak.

And it’s happening largely because, once again, it’s proved easy enough to silence the voices of millions whom it’s happening to, who have seen the genocide, and run for their lives.

Again there is confusion and disbelief.

Now powerful elements seek to demonize millions of survivors of human rights abuse, war crimes, torture, and genocide all over the world: by harping in mass media on a theme of characterizing terror suspects and other violent criminals (a microscopic minority compared to these millions) as seeking asylum.

The vast majority of the violence committed in this world, is committed by government forces.
By far, the lion’s share of human rights abuse, torture, mass rape and slaughter, which has driven millions from their homes, is everywhere committed chiefly by “security forces”: whether called police, army, private security providers, vigilantes, mercenaries, or what have you.

Authorities are asking why a suspect in a recent terrorist bombing in Germany was not monitored by police, although they knew of his connection with terror organizations.

We at Just-US strongly suspect that, if a terrorist ever applied for asylum to get into a country, you can rest assured that rogue elements in government police/security (who always demand to be in charge of all refugees) were the handlers.

It seems easy enough for criminals to exploit help programs. It’s the poor people they’re supposed to assist, who find it hardest to get anything out of them.  Refugees whose case is clear enough are routinely refused help, subjected to years of redundant scrutiny, and pointless delays; imprisoning them in a legal limbo, and denying them the right to rebuild a normal life.

Forces of violence, on the other hand, generally take their marching orders from powerful men.  Men who can make their voices resound through mass media, so loudly that their lies can drown out the truth of millions. Sometimes; for a time.

“I can feel the suffering of millions, and yet… this cruelty too will end.” – Anne Frank

photo of Anne Frank with quotation

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