Was Sandra Bland’s killing unplanned?

photo of Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

Ms Bland’s case shared several factors with that reported by other Americans menaced by police-initiated violence, of a political nature.

Anyone who watches the dashcam video, even without prior knowledge of her education and bright career prospects, can instantly perceive that Sandra Bland was a woman of great intelligence, courage, self-possession, and determination under extreme stress.

Upon being stopped, Ms Bland’s conduct was steadfastly collected and imminently reasonable, in the face of the officer’s escalating aggression.  Her responses showed considerable acquaintance with her legal rights when stopped.  She coolly countered the officer’s provocative behavior with articulate, educated references to the law and to her civil rights.

When she reached for her phone, and announced her intent to place a call, to report his extraordinary demands, the officer became furiously incensed, (so as not to say alarmed.) He began screaming “Put down the phone!”

Is this not indicative of the officer’s early agenda to prevent outside scrutiny or record of Ms Bland’s treatment? Such an agenda was manifest in his subsequent actions; and indeed in the invidious cover-up which followed.

Coercing Ms Bland out of her vehicle (action practically never seen in any routine traffic stop of a white motorist) the officer quickly moves her out of the dashcam’s view; https://youtu.be/Dkqw_7mrJnU where, from the sounds of her cries, the officer’s violence escalated.  This is also when we hear him ordering away a bystander making a video of Bland’s extraordinarily violent treatment.  http://abc7chicago.com/news/road-trip-for-suburban-woman-ends-in-jailhouse-death/853139/

Apparently only in response to physical violence, Ms Bland gave way to hurling curses and insults at the officer. Even then, she soon regained her composure; abandoning profanity, but continuing a defiant stream of verbal recriminations.  She heaped ridicule and contempt on the officer, even as she was fored to lie face down, while the officer sat on her back.  All in all, the best description of Ms Bland’s conduct throughout is “calmly defiant.”

Her jailers’ testimony is not enough
Some mainstream media have proved themselves to be chiefly purveyors of Texas police’ press releases; but in Ms Bland’s case, all testimony from her jailers is suspect.  It cannot in itself be accepted as the final word on what happened.  Any media outlet which only repeats what her jailers say, risks making itself an accessory after the fact.

There is no shortage of critics exploring abundant evidence which belies the official story.  Among these, the worst suggestion offered so far is that Ms Bland fell victim to callous, institutionalized racist violence, of a general nature.

Was her death unplanned?
However, some of our members and researchers see indications of an even more sinister scenario.  Our continuing scrutiny of extra-legal killings/violence /abuse by American institutions reveals that Ms Bland’s case shared several factors with that reported by other Americans menaced by police-initiated violence, of a political nature.

Our members / researchers have reported:

  • Suspiciously aggressive, police-initiated incidents, immediately following the victim’s applying for, (or obtaining) a prestigious job in government / institutions.
  • Police-initiated encounters where the officer seemed intent on “picking a fight”, escalating the situation, with intent to fraudulently create a pretext for arrest/imprisonment.
  • Falsified police records of an “incident” where there was no incident.
  • Such experiences sometimes followed a previous pattern of threats and/or attempts on the victim’s life from other sources.
  • Such incidents sometimes followed a previous pattern of economic black-listing / suspicious interference in employment.

Ms Bland, who posted the anti-racist activist tag #BlackLivesMatter, announced on her Facebook page  her upcoming job interview, and travel plans connected with it.

En route, she is subject to suspicious, aggressive “hazing” by a police car.  Among law enforcement professionals, this is a known tactic, for seeking a pretext to stop a motorist: tailgating, and other extraordinary “attentions”, aimed at exciting a driver’s nerves, until they make some minor manoeuvre or mistake, which can be cited as a reason for stopping them.

In essence, this is a form of entrapment: that is, an “incident” caused by the police themselves.  Entrapment demonstrates that the cited statute is not the real reason for the stop: that there was a prior decision to detain that particular motorist, which remains secret.

The police-initiated traffic stop which followed, directly results in her suspicious death in custody.

Raising the question(s):

  • Was there, on the part of corrupt/racist police elements, prior intent to kill, which preceded the traffic stop?
  • Was surveillance of her internet profile used to plan her killing?
  • Was it connected to her posting #BlackLivesMatter?  With her being thus identified as an educated, black, anti-racism activist?
  • Did such an activist obtaining a prestigious job at a major university trigger a decision by corrupt, racist elements, to engineer her killing in police custody?

If it was murder, then it’s easy to understand the motive for bringing Ms Bland into the sealed-off environment of a jail.  Control of all witnesses and records would greatly enable her jailers (/killers) to carry out the crime; and perhaps to get away with it.

If it was murder, this was committed in a full context of completely corrupt insitutions, structured to effect and systematically cover up murders.

If it was murder, then, in Sandra Bland’s case, it was all-but-seamlessly executed, with the chilling efficiency of a well-oiled routine.  Complete with phony traffic stop, fabricated / manufactured “incident”; falsified reports; falsified photography (suspicious “mug shot” of Ms Bland); and formidable PR cover-up, supported by a waiting battery of cooperative media contacts.

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